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We create bespoke plans to suit what you need. We’ve got a suite of services, from digital distribution to marketing strategy

Our Story

We love games. We love them so much that we’ve spent the last decade selling, trading, supporting and publishing them. With millions of customers under our belts, we’ve seen every mammoth success and every failure. We’re here to make gaming great.


The Gaming Tech brings the latest video game news, reviews of the most exciting releases, and interviews with the industry’s biggest names. We cover everything from PlayStation and Xbox blockbusters, to quirky Nintendo games, to the cool indie gems on PC and Android that you might otherwise miss.

Gamer Tech

If you like shopping the traditional way, our stores offer you the same experience. Products offered online as well as in our stores, include, consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. We also offer the softwares for your consoles and accessories to enhance your gaming.